Hotel Consultancy

With decades of expertise we provide end to end Hotel Consultancy services which will turn your property into the project you have always dreamed of. We commit to offering you solutions to aid the efficiency & profitability.

Feasibility Study & Market Survey

This is the steeping stone in bringing a dream into reality. Here we study proposed project location, look at present and future market conditions and suggest desired project scale and concept. Based on the project positioning & scale we suggest estimated project cost & its feasibility. This further transpires on architectural plans and then execution.

Project Planning

Includes full assessment, as per the discussion with the client and analysis of all aspects of the facility, including any considerations on the environmental impact. Writing a comprehensive brief for each specialist involved in the project, along with on going liaison with responsible client personnel at each stage. A preliminary estimate is prepared to help client's plan their budget.

Facility Design and Drafting

Based on the agreed project plan and brief, the design process covers preliminary and finalised layouts that are supported by graphic impressions of finished facility, drafting of plans / drawings, supply of technical data, etc. Fully worked out budgets are also provided.

Tender Documentation and Evaluation

This includes the preparation of specifications and time charts for the project, pre-qualification of contractors, co-ordination of legal / commercial aspects, liaising with client on tenders, evaluating submissions and Interviewing & recommendations.

Implementation and Control

This includes briefing contractors, control of shop drawings, site management and factory inspection, cost variation control, troubleshooting, testing, commissioning, handover and follow-up quality or operational checking.

Pre - Opening Technical Services

Here we will help in Setting-up of departments, on the basis of systems and operational procedures formed by us along with the client. List of operational supplies and material will be provided and will help in sourcing of the same. Manpower planning & recruitment will be taken up by us. Before the opening of the Hotel, trial runs; dry and wet will be conducted on regular basis to ensure smooth functioning of material and equipment, problem if any will be rectified, during the pre-opening stage itself.