Sales & Marketing

Effective sales & marketing are the backbone of any company. Mathur Hosptality assists the clients in creating a systematic sales & marketing plan thereby helping increase sales & revenue.

  • Guided development and implementation of marketing plan
  • Coordination of attendance at appropriate trade shows and cost sharing with participating hotels
  • Sales and marketing training at regular sales meetings
  • Tools and systems for effective tracking and implementation of programs
  • Reviews and approval of specific marketing strategies, programs, and print materials (brochures, ads, flyers)
  • Participation and membership in key sales related organizations (i.e. TTF, OTA, etc.)
  • Assistance with recruiting, interviewing, hiring and development of sales staff
  • Regular Sales training
Hotel Repositioning

As time goes on, a hotel is likely to experience changes and challenges from different areas and forces. Whatever the situation, we can assist with what it takes to keep moving in the right direction.

Repositioning Services
  • Identification of current and desired hotel market segments
  • Competitive analysis
  • Recommendation of improvements focusing on the property's competitive edge
  • Cost analysis of renovations and/or operating changes
  • Forecasted operating results